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ZOOKI X atis // An Immune-Boosting, Nutritiously Delicious Partnership

We’ve teamed up with Zooki to bring you some immune-boosting fun! Check out our gram @atisfoodldn to enter our giveaway or head in-stores / to atis Deliveroo to purchase a sachet on promo price. Here’s a little Q+A with their head of nutrition, Sarah Carolides to get you up to speed on who Zooki are and why supplements are important.


Who are Zookie? 

Zooki provides a modern day solution to supporting your health & wellbeing that overcomes the shortcomings of traditional supplements. We take nutrients with proven health benefits, combine them with natural lipids and then infuse them with real fruit extracts. The result? High strength, highly absorbable nutrients that taste delicious. 

How did Zooki start? 

Zooki was founded in the UK when Co-founder Marcus couldn’t bear taking large fish oil capsules. 5 years later, we still have the same mission: to make supporting your health easy and enjoyable. What started as a North West brainchild has evolved into a multi-award winning health & nutrition brand sold globally. 

What is the benefit of supplementing?

Supplements can work in several ways. Firstly they can fill in the gaps when our daily diet is not as healthy as we’d like it to be; secondly they can work to correct deficiencies or depletions such as vitamin D during the winter months, or vitamin C when we have a cold or cough, or are experiencing stress. Finally they can work to optimise our health if we are suffering from a specific issue or perhaps there’s a time of life when we need some extra support such as pregnancy or particularly hard training routines.

Should everyone supplement and how do we know when the nutrients from our food could do with some extra support?

Even the Government recommends that everyone in the UK should supplement with vitamin D during the winter. That’s the only one with a blanket recommendation like that. But getting to optimal nutrient levels is about more than just correcting deficiencies. We recently developed a quiz at Zooki that determines which supplements you could benefit from taking based on your health goals – you can find it here.

If you suspect a deficiency you can get blood tests through the GP or privately; it’s also worth speaking to a nutritionist about any symptoms (tiredness, aches and pains and so on) and asking which tests they could suggest to look at nutrient levels.

If I was new to Zooki, what 3 products would you recommend starting out with and why?

Vitamin C Zooki for general immune, energy and body support. It’s an amazingly hard working vitamin that we can neither produce or store on our own, so daily supplementation is a must. 

There are receptors for vitamin D in every cell of the body and as we rarely get enough sunlight to generate it ourselves, that’s another must. Vitamin D Zooki is combined with vitamin K2 which is essential to carry the vitamin D into the bones. Vitamin D also supports healthy brain function, the immune system and energy levels.

The last choice may be dependent on what stage of life you are in. Omega 3 Zooki is incredible for brain development and certain skin conditions; Collagen Zooki is fantastic for combatting the visible signs of ageing and also for supporting muscles, bones, skin and tendons, especially during and after the menopausal years; or there’s Turmeric Zooki, which is full of anti-inflammatory curcuminoids that can help achy joints or pain after exercise. These are all my favourites!

How can we use food and supplements to support a healthy lifestyle?

To me, a healthy diet is the most important thing you can do for your health. When you think that your cells are being replaced or repaired on a daily basis with the nutrients you provide through food and drink, you start to realise how important that diet actually is. It takes work to plan ahead and make sure you are getting the right amount of macro and micro nutrients; but filling your plate at least once a day with a great mix of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices is a good place to start. Think fresh; think colourful and think variety. But let’s be realistic – we all know how life can get in the way of planning; not to mention the quality of our food isn’t as high as it used to be due to farming methods and traveling long distances. Or you’ve got certain health goals or concerns that require more of a certain nutrient to see results. This is where supplements can give you that extra edge and help you achieve true health.



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