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Our Story

Our Story

atis was developed to meet the demands of an evolving relationship with food. Today, food is a story of satisfaction, personal health, sustainable sourcing and community building – so much more than just the fuel and convenience of past times.

We resolved to create a space here in London that was truly reflective of the modern approach to eating. A space to serve plant-powered food that not only tastes delicious but reflects the common values of a growing global community: a community that thinks about sourcing, packaging, ethical relationships and the environment.

We call this ‘powerful food’: food that tastes good, and does good – for the body, the soul and the planet.

Our Core Values

Food is a powerful thing when done right; through it, we can challenge the way things are. To do this, we set out these core values to underpin everything we do:

Believe in the power of food

Food can be so much more than something to eat: it has an enormous ability to positively impact ourselves and our planet.

Make plant-based nutrition the new norm

When done right, it is delicious, satisfying and versatile. and makes you feel great.

Work together

Together everyone achieves more

Embrace a thoughtful way of living

Take care in the little decisions you make. They can build up to make a big difference.

Stand for something

Change can happen. Ask questions, try new things, and stand up for what you believe in.

Our Core Values
Our Spaces

Our Spaces

One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing food with others, in spaces that uplift and energise. We have collaborated with local designers to create a space where you can enjoy a meaningful and memorable experience.

Come and see us in our Old Street flagship store – to eat and catch up with friends, in a beautifully designed space that is modern and welcoming.



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