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Kicking off spring with Kimchi & Radish

Kimchi: the new hot (and tangy) addition to our menu


Kimchi & Radish, who are they?

Here at Atis we really value those who align with our mission to empower the world one bowl of powerful food at a time, and Kimchi & Radish do just that. So who are they? Disappointed by the lack of authentic and tasty kimchi in the UK, Jihyun Kim, also known as Kimmy Kimchi, was determined to change this. With the clear goal in mind of providing great tasting fresh kimchi to customers, instead of the then bland kimchi sold in stores, Kimmy started Kimchi & Radish. With the mission of creating a high quality, artisan range of kimchi with only fresh and natural produce that is locally sourced it only made sense that we worked together.

Picture of Kimmy founder of Kimchi & Raddish at Atis Old Street location.

As you may, or may not know, kimchi is a korean dish consisting of fermented veggies, usually including napa cabbage or korean radish along with others such as spring onion, garlic and ginger all nicely tied together with gochugaru which is korean chilli flakes. So what makes Kimmy’s kimchi different? Well, with many years of Korean culinary mastery under her belt Kimmy she decided to produce her kimchi by fermenting all the fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients in small batches and hand-packed them in jars to ensure the highest quality. Her traditional methods of kimchi production free of all artificial preservatives have resulted in one of the tastiest ingredients to include in our salads. 

Soooo… why is Kimchi & Radish so good?

First: Taste

All the different ingredients used by Kimmy in kimchi come together to make every bite you take burst with flavour. The tanginess mixed with the kick from the gochugaru makes it something that, unless you grew up eating, can be the introduction to a whole new world of flavours– flavours so good that you’ll want to eat the kimchi straight out of the jar! And it is no different when you get it in your bowl, which is why we recommend you get our chef curated Kimmy Kimchi bowl (but more on that later).

The new time-limited kimmy Kimchi bowl next to a jar of the hand packed Kimchi & radish kimchi traditional flavour

Second: Health Benefits!

Similar to pickled foods, fermented foods, such as kimchi, are an amazing addition to your diet for an improved gut microbiome, or as we like to call it our second brain (no, really the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome are mind blowing). Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • It may help regulate your immune system, making you stronger against those pesty colds.
  • It may help fight inflammation all over your body.
  • As it feeds your microbiome it could improve cognitive function by helping the brain work better.
  • And last but not least, as it aids digestion, it could also mean better energy recovery from foods you eat.

Add being friendly to any diet, be it vegan or vegetarian, with benefits like that it is hard to argue against adding it to your lunch bowl! 

New Kimmy kimchi bowl next to the feta wedges in Atis Old Street location.

“Where can I get kimchi?”

This is a question we hear often, and has an easy solution from us to you, so I’ll tell you (just don’t gatekeep this– remember sharing is caring)

Try it in your salads! 

The kimchi radish slaw is available in our shops, and is vegan friendly! And yes you can get it in your BYOB! However, for the best experience, why not give our tasty Kimmy Kimchi bowl a go? Chef curated means a lot of thought went into each ingredient included for the maximum health packed salad. I’ll break it down for you:

  • Rice- rich in fibre also key for your gut health
  • Baby spinach- great variety of vitamins and minerals– known as a superfood!
  • Edamame+peas- a good source of veggie protein
  • Kimchi radish slaw- need i say more? 
  • Spring onion and coriander- packed with vitamins A,B,C and K.
  • Soft boiled egg- jam packed with good fats, proteins, and other vitamins and minerals.

From all our locations! 

As we mentioned before Kimmy lovingly hand packs her kimchi into jars, and guess what? These are available in all our Atis locations scattered over London. So if you liked it in your bowl, why not take a jar home with you?!

A jar of traditional flavour kimchi & radish kimchi jar next to a avocado toast topped by kimmy k.o. dressing

So what are you waiting for??

Come down to Atis and give the Kimmy Kimchi bowl a try before it’s gone on July 8th! Visit us and find out just how tasty a collab between two food brands that want to empower you through fresh and sustainable food. And don’t forget to share your experience with us on TikTok and Instagram @atisfoodldn! 

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