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Atis x Reia // Plastic Free July

At atis we are conscious of the importance of sustainability within the fast casual restaurant industry. Making greener choices is at the forefront of the work we. Whether it’s working with suppliers with a similar ethos to ours, using vegware cutlery and compostable bowls or switching avocados to our new ‘Sustain Yo’self Avo Smash’ – we believe in reducing our environmental impact.


Introducing Reia!

To celebrate plastic-free July we thought we’d introduce you to our new hand wash supplier Reia who make natural vegan, hand and body wash that comes in refillable pouches. See ya single-use plastic! 


Want to know more about why we love Reia? 



Reia’s refillable pouches use 60% less plastic than a standard plastic bottle. Made from an aluminium and plastic blend, they are lightweight and compact so they take up less space when transported. This means that more pouches can move on fewer vehicles, lowering overall emissions.

Reia make it super easy to return the pouches. They provide a pre-printed returns label on the pouch so that you can send them back for free. Simply put the empty pouches directly into the postbox (no need for a stamp or envelope) and they’ll go straight back to Reia’s recycling partner, Enval, who 100% recycle them. They use an innovative process known as pyrolysis to convert the pouches back into their basic elements; raw aluminium and a plastic oil, which can then be repurposed into new products.

Forever Bottles

Reia’s sleek forever bottles are made from matte teal glass. They are built to last and can be infinitely recycled at the end of their lifetime without any loss of quality. Simply refill your bottle and pump away!

Natural Vegan Product

Using ingredients which are 100% vegan and natural is better for the planet and better for you! With no nasty chemicals we love how delicate and hydrating Reia is on our hands. 

Next time you’re in store be sure to check them out. 

Already tried out their soap in store and ready to be a lifelong Reia fan? You can order Reia via their website here. You can also use the code use the code ATIS20  to get an exclusive 20% off your order. 

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