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VEGANUARY 2022 // atis x ManiLife for Made in Hackney


Introducing the Nutworthy Massaman Curry, a collaboration from atis x ManiLife.

This Veganuary we’ve released this delicious winter warmer in collaboration with ManiLife, using their much-loved deep roast peanut butter as a core ingredient in this plant-based special. We’ve created this special Veganuary bowl not only to bring you an innovative, delicious plant-based option, but to also bring in support for a local plant-based community kitchen, Made in Hackney

Made in Hackney opened its doors in 2012 and is London’s first 100% plant-based community kitchen. They are on a mission to tackle food poverty and health inequalities in the local community by providing over 1200 nutritious vegan meals a week to those in need. To support their work, we will be donating £1 from every Nutworthy Massaman Curry bowl sold throughout January. 

Alongside our donation, the atis team will be volunteering throughout January with Made in Hackney, which will culminate in a community feast for Hoxton locals.

What’s in the bowl // Kale, Wild Rice Mix, ManiLife Massaman Curry, Fresh Coriander, Toasted Coconut Flakes, Fresh Lime Squeeze + Lime Coriander Dressing.

This unique curry bowl is set to be the ultimate winter warmer. Its deep roast peanut undertones and wholesome seasonal vegetable base, combined with the use of fresh coriander and zingy lime dressing are a sensation not to be missed. Tied together with a crunch of toasted coconut flakes scattered on top, you can enjoy the bowl as it is or add a hot topping such as our popular Grilled Shrooms, Gochujang Tempeh or Roasted Roots.

Join us this Veganuary to celebrate the power of plants with this time-limited ManiLife collaborative special and help make a positive impact within the local community.

The bowl is available at the atis Old St Store, the atis Eccleston Yards Store, via Click + Collect and on Deliveroo between 4th of January-31st of January.


Useful Links:

Made in Hackney Website

Made in Hackney Instagram

Made in Hackney Donation Page

atis Old St Location

atis EY Location

Click + Collect


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